Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Breaking News!

Central Massachusetts Elects Conservative Lug-Head
(aka...Worcester's Revenge)


Of course, I wrote the post above before the polls opened on Tuesday.

Even though Massachusetts gave Barack Obama a 26% adavantage over John McCain in 2008, the mood of the electorate is pretty sour. Also, Central Massachusetts responds instinctively to the dog whistles from the right.

The only reason the right has any appeal now, I think, stems from the fact that the Democrats chose not to tie the last decade's disasters to Republican rule. The Democrats (Barack Obama) actually believed that giving the Republicans an out, allowing them to self-correct (instead of forcing them to crawl through the broken glass of their regressive governance), would grant Obama's policy initiatives large bipartisan majorities.

Sadly, the Democrats continue to underestimate the unapologetic venality of the Republicans.

Or do they...?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fox...meet henhouse

This guy's stump is a queasy blend of small government talking points and fake common sense.

On both the left and the right millionaire politicians are the rule, not the exception.
But actually listening to one pretend to have common cause with the middle class as the bankers throw money at him makes me sick...and Rudy doesn't help.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Republicans Rejoice!

With breathless thanks to their Dinosaur Riding Jesus (and the underpants bomber)...

...they can try to make this real...again.

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