Monday, April 02, 2012

The Lost Cause

a "white folks" demonstration from Mississippi Burning, 1988

The electoral strategy for conservatives has always been about poking a sharp stick into the limbic brain of its supporters. But for this election it's so much easier—the target for their fear and anger doesn't require a clever framing (hit and miss with Republican voters), he's right there, in full view—a black president.

The election of 2008 was, in one way, a gift to Republican strategists—all the nuanced race-baiting and cynical seed planting of the past 30-40 years could now be exploited. Can you imagine the joy they felt as they listened to liberals gush about what Obama's election represented. Each celebratory speech, each altruistic phrase, no, each word, added to the power of the coming backlash. Yes, the Tea Party was key, but the entire Republican base could now be uniformly played. Over a generation in the making, an aquifer of pure shit could now be siphoned from the depths of the Republican Party—from its working class and its poor—all in the service of a fading racial majority.

Also...Digby points to the Trayvon Martin backlash—they're not even pretending anymore.

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