Friday, June 02, 2006

Aren't we all? [UPDATED]

It occurs to me that despite all our efforts to be solid, grounded and true, we are, nevertheless, deeply flawed. I see this blog as a place to reflect on what is irrefutable about being human; we are fucked up. Our politics and culture are always in a chaotic flux; progress and advancement never entirely stabilizes. Human culture, in its totality, is organic, and like any organism, functions imperfectly, has vulnerabilities, suffers from illness, dies.
This blog will be a forum for me to explore this phenomenon as it plays out in politics and culture; a place to focus on the inevitable, ubiquitous, but often unacknowledged slippage we experience everyday.

UPDATE: Actually the blog title suggests something more than just a straightforward take on human imperfection. What fascinates me and drives me nuts goes beyond the foible or the gaffe; I am interested in how politics and culture reflect those events that are driven by individuals who are aggressively wrong or...bristling with flaws.

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