Monday, November 30, 2009

Walter R.I.P.

My brave and beautiful boy...

For so many years we looked after each other...
I feel lost.

Goodbye Walter.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


From one of my favorite sites UbuWeb.
An old COLAB piece from 1978. At 22 minutes long, it covers a lot of territory.

All Color News (1978)

The film's blurb:
A remarkable collection of clips from the feature news program for cable TV. Hard, gritty, this is the early political and socially oriented work by artists now well-known as sculptors and filmmakers. Includes John Ahearn, Tom Otterness (Subways, Golden Gloves Boxing and Rats in Chinatown);Scott and Beth B (NYPD Arson and Explosions Squad vs. FALN); Charlie Ahearn (Bums Under the Brooklyn Bridge). Also includes Virge Piersol and Alan Moore (Bombing of JP Morgan) and Michael McClard.

It's a kick to see clips of New York from a time that coincides with my first visits; when the city was still Koch(ed) and before it was Giuliani(ed). At that time, the city "looked" like what it still is, an overused people's city.

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