Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cynical Ratfuckers (see defintion below)

Dirty tricks are unethical, duplicitous, slanderous or illegal tactics employed to destroy or diminish the effectiveness of political or business opponents. The term "dirty trick" can also be used to refer to an underhanded technique to get ahead of an opponent (such as sabotage or disregarding rules of engagement).

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This is a solid description of how deceptive the right-wing can be in their attempts to overturn and co-opt well-meaning efforts to inform the voters/citizenry. It isn't a new strategy, but in the digital age, it is much easier to disguise the dirty trick or ratfuck.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Was Here but I Disapear (sic)

This movie was important to my adolescence. Saw it in 1977 with a couple of soon to be punk friends in a Louisville "Art Movie" house that doubled as a gritty porn theater during the day.

I Love YouTube

Fantastic live performance. Bonus footage of the creepy British guy with atrocious teeth.

Somebody's House Party: Louisville, 1975

Not uncommon in the mid-70's to go to a suburban house of a friend or acquaintance... parents out of town for the weekend...upwards of 40 "teenager" cars strung out along suburban streets and cul de drink a lot, smoke weed and hi-jack the stereo. When a couple of us would tire of hearing Steely Dan or Little Feat for the zillionth time, we would move to the stereo system, appear to appreciate it's quality or brand; Pioneer, Marantz, etc., and begin to ease the volume down as if the track was ending. The other co-conspirator(s) would be prepared to quickly switch records to something less cheesy or straight. It could be Jimi Hendrix, Weather Report, Stanley Clarke, Frank Zappa or Billy Cobham...

At the time, I was miserable, struggling with existential fear and good old fashioned alienation.
Still, good music, good times.

UPDATED: An actual house party, the Spears', 1976. My back is to the camera.

Friday, April 09, 2010

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REM It's the end of the world from Jiri Spac on Vimeo.

"IN A world that is really upside down, the true is a moment of the false."

Guy Debord

While this mash-up is viscerally satisfying to watch (because it feels true), it truly isn't.

We have Reached Our Cultural and Political Nadir


Where will ALL of this lead. I am not very optimistic.

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