Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Stateless Archipelago

From Taibbi's A Christmas Message From America's Rich
But it seems to me that if you’re broke enough that you’re not paying any income tax, you’ve got nothing but skin in the game. You've got it all riding on how well America works.

You can’t afford private security: you need to depend on the police. You can’t afford private health care: Medicare is all you have. You get arrested, you’re not hiring DavisPolk to get you out of jail: you rely on a public defender to negotiate a court system you'd better pray deals with everyone from the same deck. And you can’t hire landscapers to manicure your lawn and trim your trees: you need the garbage man to come on time and you need the city to patch the potholes in your street.
The entire ethos of modern Wall Street, on the other hand, is complete indifference to all of these matters. The very rich on today’s Wall Street are now so rich that they buy their own social infrastructure. They hire private security, they live in gated mansions on islands and other tax havens, and most notably, they buy their own justice and their own government.

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So when you hear the ratbastards whining about Americans who don't pay income taxes (because they're poor for fuck's sake—and they do pay taxes on everything else), keep in mind who the argument serves—people who are so wealthy they could care less how government functions for the rest of us.

The "smaller government" motherfuckers carry water for the oligarchs.

Remember, it's indifference that fuels the stupid—both are America's most abundant natural resource.

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