Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chuck Todd Is Very Offended...

...that he can only be the butt of the joke.

He idolizes our political institutions...WTF.

Look, the media villagers can complain all they want, but the millions of PAC dollars flooding into their employer's pockets disqualifies their criticism of Colbert—not to mention that it's completely out of touch.

This guy is supposed to be a journalist...I'm stunned.

He doesn't get that the frustration with our political system stems from his inability to separate himself from the politicians—he's paid to hold them accountable, not idolize their political institution.

Everyone of these so-called journalists should wake up in the morning screaming that the millions spent to win (and lose) a political primary could house, clothe and feed tens of thousands of people devastated by this recession—pay for their health care, help them keep their homes, and on and on.

Fucking ratbastards.

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