Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Sad Story...

...becomes sadder in the wingnutosphere.

...the American right already has determined that the whole controversy is a subtle plot by the Kenyan Muslim black liberationist Derrick Bell-hugger to gin up racial distrust so as to guarantee his re-election as Chief Executive Shaka Zulu. And, also, to steal all the guns from white people.
from Charles Pierce
Warning: Pierce links to the RedState blog (will kill brain cells and soul).

The world view of the right wing is so twisted by resentment and race-fear that they'll believe most fictions that allow them to carry the victim flag.

Look, people are imperfect, we are generally fearful, and our beliefs are often shaped by those fears. But political resentment and race-fear are malicious creations—ideological weapons used to exploit large groups of people for political goals. Republicans have been beating this drum for years, but now, and with growing urgency (because it's true), the "our demographic is shrinking" fear is making them even crazier.

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