Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Picks The Granny-Starver for VP


This election will now have to be about class, however coded—this guy wants to dismantle ALL entitlement programs (Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, etc.).

By virtue of enormous tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, Paul Ryan's budget will entirely break the non-military sector of the federal government—it's a feature not a bug.


12 cogent reasons to not elect the crazy Ryan-Romney team.

also, a must read:
Paul Ryan is an authentically dangerous zealot. He does not want to reform entitlements. He wants to eliminate them. He wants to eliminate them because he doesn't believe they are a legitimate function of government. He is a smiling, aw-shucks murderer of opportunity, a creator of dystopias in which he never will have to live. This now is an argument not over what kind of political commonwealth we will have, but rather whether or not we will have one at all, because Paul Ryan does not believe in the most primary institution of that commonwealth: our government. The first three words of the Preamble to the Constitution make a lie out of every speech he's ever given. He looks at the country and sees its government as something alien that is holding down the individual entrepreneurial genius of 200 million people, and not as their creation, and the vehicle through which that genius can be channelled for the general welfare.
from Charles Pierce

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Anonymous said...

this is actually good...there is no way that americans can get on board with this...but then again, wisconsin did.


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