Sunday, March 20, 2016

Right Wing Assholes: A Reminder

David Wojnarowicz, Fire in My Belly (1986-87) original silent version

“Outrageous use of taxpayer money and an obvious attempt to offend Christians during the Christmas season.”
          – Incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va. (2010)

“American families have a right to expect better from recipients of taxpayer funds. While the amount of money involved may be small, it’s symbolic of the arrogance Washington routinely applies to thousands of spending decisions involving Americans’ hard-earned money. Smithsonian officials should either acknowledge the mistake and correct it, or be prepared to face tough scrutiny beginning in January [when the new majority in the House moves in].”
— House Republican leader John Boehner (2010)

‘Absolutely, we should look at their funds, if they’ve got money to squander like this — of a crucifix being eaten by ants, of Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts, men in chains … kissing — then I think we should look at their budget.’
          Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston, a member of the House Appropriations 
               Committee (2010)

 "I regret that some reports about the exhibit have created an impression that the video is intentionally sacrilegious. In fact, the artist's intention was to depict the suffering of an AIDS victim. It was not the museum's intention to offend. We are removing the video today."
          — Director, National Portrait Gallery, Martin Sullivan (2010)

Also a big fuck you to Bill Donohue, Catholic League for Religious ans Civil Rights

David Wojnarowicz, Fire in My Belly (1986-87) soundtrack Diamanda Galas*

* edited version displayed for the exhibition Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture

h/t End of Being

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