Thursday, October 20, 2011


Matt Taibbi
Anyway, the hysterical responses from the Rushes of the world are just more signs that these protests are working. I never thought I’d see it, but some of the dukes and earls high up in America’s Great Tower of Bullshit are starting to blink a little bit. They seem genuinely freaked out that OWS doesn’t have leaders or a single set of demands, which in addition to being very encouraging is quite funny.

This may be true. There seems to be frustration that the OWS movement hasn't been lured into the co-option trap that America uses to defuse a genuine grassroots threat to its power, or capitalism in general.

It may seem counter-intuitive to maintain a large and leaderless movement, but it does make it more difficult to flog a specific target in the media—think Cindy Sheehan, Jesse Jackson—isolate and smear the "leader" and ignore the movement all together.

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