Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear (cont.)

#OccupyOakland gets gassed and flash bombed.
From this account, it sounds as if the local media is in collusion with the police actions.



As the media's "dirty fucking hippie" rhetoric declined, and the coverage began to highlight how the national narrative changed from "the deficit will kill us all" to "let's talk about unemployment and income inequality," powerful people started freaking out.

So now, in addition to the media's ready-made "protesters are dirty vandals who poop in parks " narrative, they also have "the protesters are violent anarchists who make the police deploy flash bombs and tear gas."

Here we go...buckle up.

Update: Boston's morning news has at least 3 separate stories about sanitation problems at #Occupy locations and a couple of vandalism reports...I think the new scripts arrived.

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