Friday, June 15, 2012

Democratic Women


When will Democrats realize that the women of their party are the (only) ones who can effectively slow down the retrograde momentum of Republicanism?

Politically, Democratic men are too co-opted by their maleness—biologically narcissistic, authoritarian, greedy.

I could be convinced otherwise, but the current spectacle of American politics conducted by men—and the simple clarity of Rep. Brown's voice above—make it clear that however well intentioned, the insiders (men) will not change the landscape.

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vp said...

ahh, yes.

I'm really pissed that the general demeanor among democrats is to finger wag at the republicans for being misogynists but these same people won't vocally come out in support of legislation to ensure equal pay, reproductive rights, insurance coverage of birth control, etc.

It's obviously some carefully calculated attempt to retain a female constituent base for the presidential election without totally ostracizing men in the process...which of course is a totally sexist approach. It's infuriating.

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