Sunday, February 26, 2012

Death Rattle

Matt Taibbi
Then conservatives managed to elect to the White House a man who was not only a fundamentalist Christian, but a confirmed anti-intellectual who never even thought about visiting Europe until, as president, he was forced to – the perfect champion of all Real Americans!

Surely, things would change now. But they didn’t. Life continued to move drearily into a new and scary future, Spanish-speaking people continued to roll over the border in droves, queers paraded around in public and even demanded the right to be married, and America not only didn't go back to the good old days of the single-breadwinner family, but jobs in general dried up and you were lucky if Mom and Dad weren’t both working two jobs.
                        .                    .                    .
And when the unthinkable happened, and a black American with a Muslim-sounding name assumed the throne in the White House, now, suddenly, we started to hear that liberals were not only in league with terrorists, but somehow worse than terrorists.

When talking about the head swelling nonsense that is Republicanism in 2012, I often conclude that it's the fever dream of a dying movement—conservatives, and the rag-tag stewards of "white culture" in general, are demographically outnumbered, and in steep decline.

Good riddance, but go gentle.

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