Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Just Like You

Given the overwhelming evidence that the Citizens United ruling, with the subsequent explosion of PAC money in elections, was really just a license to bribe, the right wing is now on the defense—"leave our money bundlers alone."
Does anybody seriously think that any of these donors, who are some of the most accomplished businessmen in America, are just handing over millions as if they were giving a dollar to a homeless person and walking away? Or might they be investing in something, as, say, political venture capitalists?

Don’t even answer that, but go to the next assertion by the defenders of these super-citizens: that their donations are being given to groups that have no relationship whatsoever to the candidate’s official campaigns. It’s simply a coincidence, nothing more, that super PACs are doing the mudslinging for specific candidates—while official campaign ads are pure as snow.
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