Sunday, February 05, 2012

Why The Right Hates You

...I'm stealing this downer post from another site...because it's good...and I'm lazy.
They Fucking Hate You

They just do.

They masquerade their bullshit in the words of Jesus and the all-knowing free market, but it is transparent what motivates them. Not love for their fellow man, not love for their fellow citizen, not love for country- what motivates them is hate for the other.


They fucking hate you. They want you, and everyone who speaks for you, and every institution that represents your values, whether it be Planned Parenthood or food banks or ACORN- you name it. They want it destroyed.

I just do not understand why more people do not recognize this. The Republicans have declared total war on America, and people are responding like this is politics as usual. It isn’t. It really isn’t. It’s really all or nothing at this point. We put the birchers/tea party/conservatives back in their place and destroy the current GOP, or we deal with this shit for the next forty-sixty years.

My two cents...
...right wingers hate liberals because they simply cannot fathom that the sentient world is larger than what they experience directly. They hate to be wrong, and any person or entity that suggests otherwise needs to be hated even more.They crave a type of victimhood that justifies their hatred and, yes gun hoarding and violence.

This isn't a game.

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